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Discover tools and best practices for working with infectious disease data

We provide general guidance as well as specific information for pathogen characterisation, socioeconomic data, human biomolecular data, and human clinical and health data.

What can we help you find?

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Attributing credit

Referencing your sources (citations and recognition of contributions)

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Data analysis

Generic workflows for different data types

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Data communication

Producing visualisations and reports

Data description icon

Data description

Finding (meta)data standards and documentation

Data sources icon

Data sources

Finding and sharing data for related data sources

Ethical Legal and Social Issues icon

Ethical Legal and Social Issues

Legal and ethical aspects and how to deal with them

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Tracking data and analysis steps

Quality control icon

Quality control

Tools and methods to assess quality

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Applied examples of handling infectious disease data

National resources icon

National resources

Country specific examples

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Tools and resources list

Browse all tools and resources mentioned in IDTk

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Training resources list

Browse all training resources mentioned in IDTk

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We welcome contributors!

This project would not be possible without the many amazing community contributors. The infectious diseases toolkit is an open community project, and you are welcome to join us!

What's new?

  • New website structure

    - 263

    An inversion of the structure took place. Pages with information about specific data types are now subpages within data management topics. This allows for the existence of general pages.

  • New page: Prototyping federated causal research questions reusing sensitive health data

    - 269

    A Showcase page about prototyping federated causal research questions reusing sensitive health data. Discover the page here

  • New page: National resources Estonia

    - 270

    A new national resources page for infectious diseases-related data sources and actions in Estonia. Discover the page here

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