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This Privacy Policy explains what personal data is collected by the Infectious Diseases Toolkit website.

What data we collect

We collect data about your activity on the site, such as:

  • which pages you have visited
  • how long you spent on each page
  • which browsers and devices you have used to view the site
  • which country you view the site from.

The information is collected anonymously and aggregated. We cannot identify you from the information gathered, or track your web browsing outside of this site.

How we collect the data

We use Google Analytics to collect this data. When you visit this site the Google Analytics program puts a small file called a cookie in your browser. Cookies are widely used to store preferences and to enable shopping carts and log-in areas on websites.

Why we collect the data

We collect the data so that we can then generate reports about the site for our funders. We also collect the date to help us improve the site, and ensure we design the site for the browsers and devices that most people are using.

Who has access to the data

The data collected from you visit to the site is sent to Google but aggregated and anonymised. We do not have access to personally identifiable information, but Google records and stores your IP address in order to generate the site statistics.

See Google Analytics cookies information and Google’s Safeguarding your data article.

If you have concerns about your data

We ask for your permission to set the cookie when you visit the site, but if you change your mind you can:

Please contact if you have any queries concerning the data we may have.

Your GitHub information

If you are a contributor to the site then you will be automatically listed as a contributor, with your profile picture (if you have one) and a link to your GitHub pages. If you would like to be removed from the contributor list then please contact

You may also want to see the GitHub Privacy Statement.