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Socioeconomic data: Data sources

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What is considered as social and economic impact data?

Topic 1

Short explanation of what this topic is about and why it is important, with an emphasis on infectious diseases and the category that you selected.


Using a bullet point style list format as much as possible, describe the considerations for your topic that are specific to infectious diseases within the category (e.g. pathogen characterisation) that you have selected.

Please avoid replicating ‘generic’ guidelines, i.e. those not specific to infectious diseases, here. Add links to RDMkit in the metadata above, if any are needed.

Standards, schemas, ontologies and vocabularies

List of standards, schemas, ontologies and/or vocabularies that are relevant to the resources in this category. Consider having links to the “Data description” page. When applicable, consider adding the appropriate FAIRsharing entry to the tools and resources spreadsheet so that they can be listed and appropriately tagged at the end of the page


Under what licenses do the data sources work?

Using bullet point list style as much as possible, describe when, why and for what purpose a specific data source should be used.

Please avoid replicating ‘generic’ guidelines, i.e. those not specific to infectious diseases, here.

Avoid making long lists of links to data sources.

The data sources inserted in this section do not have to be considered a ‘final’ or ‘perfect’ solution, but should be something that is used by the wider community working in this area or topic.

Make sure to add the data sources mentioned in the text in the main “tools and resources” table.

Examples of how this data can be used